Northern Estate


The core of Greenwich Hospital’s Northern Estates is the residue of the Derwentwater Estates which were granted to Greenwich Hospital by the Crown in 1735 as a means for the charity to fund itself. These estates were the confiscated property of the Earl of Derwentwater who was executed following his part in the Jacobite uprising early of 1715.

Land has been bought and sold over the years, and the total land holding is currently about 7,800 acres. Greenwich Hospital owns a number of farms to the south of Berwick-upon-Tweed and at Haydon Bridge in Northumberland, and also at Throckley on the outskirts of Newcastle. Greenwich Hospital also owns a farm in Scotland.

Greenwich Hospital’s Northern Estate is let for farming purposes on varying types of agricultural tenancy, some of which have been occupied by the same farming family for many years.

The Northern Estates are managed by Savills from their office in Corbridge.


Northern Estate field & cows