Holbrook Estate


The Holbrook Estate, in Suffolk, extends to about 600 acres and comprises agricultural land, farm houses, cottages and other miscellaneous properties including a playing field and reed beds. The Estate surrounds the Royal Hospital School and parts of the villages of Holbrook and Harkstead.

The Holbrook Estate was gifted to Greenwich Hospital by tea planter and expatriate Gifford Sherman Reade in 1921, with a further bequest of funds upon his death in 1929, in gratitude for the Royal Navy’s role in safeguarding his trade during the First World War. The estate was gifted for the relocation of the Royal Hospital School from its position in Greenwich to a green field site in Holbrook, which was completed in 1933.

There is also land at Bovills Hall Farm in Essex which was inherited by Greenwich Hospital from another naval charity on its dissolution in 1892. Bovills Hall Farm is an arable farm of approximately 343 acres of land which borders the northern boundary of Clacton.

The Holbrook Estate and Bovills Hall Farm are managed by Strutt & Parker from their office in Ipswich.


Holbrook Estate - yacht bay