Greenwich Hospital is a unique Crown Charity.

The Hospital provides charitable support including annuities, sheltered housing and education to serving and retired personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and their dependants.

This site will tell you more about the aims and objectives of the Hospital, its beneficiaries and its history.

Please see our Impact Report 2021 and our 2020/2021 Annual Accounts.




That we seek -

“A world where all in the Royal Naval family are empowered and supported to succeed, now and in the future”

This is the ‘what’ we are trying to achieve, and ‘what’ direction we are trying to support.  It is a statement in a sense of ‘the perfect world’. 



That we aim -

“To inspire, encourage and enable all members of the Royal Naval family to realise their full potential in life both during and after service, and to provide a guiding and supportive hand when needed’’

This is the ‘how’ we go about supporting our beneficiaries in order to work towards our ‘vision’. We believe that by the early provision of support and encouragement, by enhancing skills and education, improving the quality of family life, our beneficiaries will be more likely to achieve their full potential in life and therefore less likely to find themselves in need of help in the future.



We believe that underpinning all aspects of the organisation lies a set of core values reflecting the sort of organisation we are, the sort of people we are, and the commitment we all undertake in working for GH. 


That we aim to be -

Progressive (we definitely seek to develop and grow our activities, to achieve more, to help more people, and in more ways)

Empowering (we wish always to encourage people to help themselves, to manage their own development, to be ambitious for themselves)

Compassionate (we do care, while retaining sound judgement, and we do put ourselves out to help others)

Collaborative (we realise that we are not alone in this field, that there are others and other organisations who do good and effective jobs in helping our beneficiaries, and we would always wish to work with them in order to achieve greater synergies)

Influencing (we seek to work with others, to enable synergies, to encourage and support greater charitable outcomes for those within our beneficiary groups)

Sustainable (we always look for permanent solutions, enduring outcomes, and encourage beneficiary charities and people to seek greater self- sufficiency)

Agile (we have a very flat structure, a good organisation, and are therefore able to make quick decisions in the minimum time and with the minimum of fuss)

Professional in all that we do (we respect and manage our charitable obligations and resources to the best effect)


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